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Welcome to MOPP Foods, a pioneering QSR/Cloud Kitchen startup reshaping the culinary landscape with innovation and flavor. With our multi-brand approach, we're revolutionizing the way India eats and we're on a mission to uplift and redefine the perception of popular Indian street foods and dishes.

We're not just delivering dishes; we're crafting experiences. From our meticulously prepared dishes to our specially curated packaging, every element of our offerings is designed to ensure safety, comfort, and unparalleled taste. Our unique reinvention of the Pakoda recipe has pioneered a new innovation in the culinary world, making them delivery-friendly and delighting taste buds.

Our commitment to innovation and expansion is reflected in our brands, each catering to unique culinary cravings and preferences. As we chart our course forward, we shall introduce new brands, further diversifying our offerings and solidifying our position as a leader in the Indian food industry.

With a robust growth trajectory and ambitious plans to scale, we're poised to become India's premier multi-brand QSR/Cloud Kitchen company, leveraging the exponential opportunities presented by the evolving culinary landscape.

Currently operating 20 virtual restaurants from 5 Cloud Kitchens with a portfolio of 4 brands - Mad Over Parathas & Pakodas (MOPP), Mealy, Sassy Indian and Yum Biryani Bowls. They are currently clocking 30,000+ monthly orders with a GMV ARR of Rs 15 Crore.

They plan to scale to 3,000 online restaurants operating out of 300 cloud kitchens and crossing Rs 1000 Crore in revenue within 5 to 7 years. MOPP also plans to take its brands to international markets with large Indian diaspora. Their long-term vision is also to enter retail segment with frozen and ready-to-eat versions of Parathas, Pakodas and meals distributed across the globe.


Geetika Anand Gupta, Cofounder

Geetika, a distinguished MBA graduate and recipient of a prestigious scholarship from Amity Business School, epitomizes exemplary women leadership. Her dynamic entrepreneurial spirit has forged partnerships with numerous esteemed companies within the F&B industry, including renowned restaurants. Geetika's influence extends beyond entrepreneurship; she generously mentors and supports startups and corporations in refining their marketing strategies, elevating brand presence, and enhancing company profiles.

With a captivating persona and an unwavering dedication, Geetika has steered the marketing divisions of global giants such as Sony and HTC, as well as contributed her expertise to an Oil & Gas enterprise, amplifying its market position.

With an impressive track record spanning over 20 years, she possesses a diverse skill set encompassing Hospitality Management, Product Marketing Management, Brand Management, Retail Management, PR, Events & Exhibitions, and Corporate Communications, catering to both B2C and B2B audiences.

In a bold entrepreneurial move in 2016, Geetika returned to India, immersing herself in various F&B ventures, including a beer brand and upscale restaurants. Amidst her ventures, she observed a glaring gap in the market for hygienic establishments offering India's beloved street delicacies, Parathas and Pakodas. Determined to fill this void, she launched her brainchild, "Mad Over Parathas & Pakodas," affectionately known as MOPP among its loyal patrons. Later during covid she pivoted to a multi-brand cloud kitchen model and added brands like Mealy, Sassy Indian and Yum Biryani Bowls. Geetika's visionary leadership and passion for culinary excellence continue to drive venture's success, offering discerning customers an unparalleled gastronomic experience.

With a distinguished career spanning over two decades, this seasoned entrepreneur boasts a robust background in hospitality, having occupied numerous leadership and management roles at senior levels. A distinguished alumnus of IIT Bombay, holding both BTech and MTech degrees, coupled with an MBA from The Strathclyde Business School, Glasgow, his educational pedigree is exemplary.

A visionary serial entrepreneur, he co-founded two successful startups before embarking on his latest venture, MOPP Foods, alongside Geetika. Notably, his tenure as COO of First Fiddle Restaurants, a prominent player in India's culinary landscape, underscored his prowess in national operations management.

Gaurav Gupta, Cofounder

His corporate journey features distinguished stints in senior project management capacities at esteemed Oil & Gas conglomerates like Petrofac and McDermott, further solidifying his acumen in strategic leadership.

With MOPP Foods, he endeavors to create India's premier delivery-focused brand, specializing in Parathas and Pakodas and other popular street foods. Recognizing the ubiquitous appeal of Parathas as the nation's equivalent to pizza and Pakodas as a quintessential fried delicacy akin to fried chicken, his strategic vision aims to redefine culinary delivery experiences, one delectable bite at a time.

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